My name is Twila B Goode certified sexologist, erotic, and intimacy coach and welcome to A Taste of Sex. You have come to the right place if you are looking to enhance your sex life with erotica and intimacy coaching. This is your source for relationship, sexuality, and intimacy coaching as well as adult erotic products. A Taste of Sex is dedicated to giving you the best when it comes to having a healthy and sensual sex life. Each experience is unique and excellent customer service is guaranteed each time.

What is  Certified Sexologist?

A Certified Sexologist or Sexuality Coach is a professionally trained and formally educated person who assists individuals (and couples) with their personal, sexual, intimacy, and relationship needs. Sexologists address areas such as sexless marriages, unhappy relationships, self/hate sabotage,and more. We also guide our clients to fully grasp their sexual potential through education, training, and communication. Unlike therapists, we do not dig into and focus on past issues. Sexuality Coaches focus on your current and future goals.

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A Taste of Twila Erotic Gitfs and More is where poetry, passion, and pleasure come to lyfe.  A collection of lingerie, erotic toys, and erotic poetry all designed to enhance your sexual desires. Customized greeting cards can be made for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. You want to add spice to the bedroom? The Twila Box is just for you. It is a customized box filled with lingerie, toys, and other erotic pleasures to create the fantasies you desire.

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