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Meet Twila B. Goode

Twila B Goode is a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach and self published author.  A native of Dallas, Tx she spent the last 20 years in North Carolina where she attended college and was married for 10 years. Her first book Pieces Of Me is derived from her blog sharing her life experiences about marriage, divorce, dating, raising 2 children, and rediscovering herself. Her second book A Taste of Twila Poetry in Pictures is dedicated to her love of erotic poetry.

Twila is the owner of A Taste of Sex Intimacy Coaching services located in Dallas, Texas. 

As a student of Dr. Anna Cadell's, Loveology University, she is currently working on becoming a dating and relationship coach and receiving her Masters in Social Work. She has completed training and received her Clinical Sexuality Coach certification with the Dr. Rachel Institute.

Her purpose in all of her work is to empower women letting them know it's ok to be comfortable with yourself, in your own skin, and enjoy what you like sexually. 

Twila can be found on all social media as Twila B Goode. Tune in to her podcast A Taste of Twila After Dark as she talks about relationships ,dating, women's health and sex. 

  I am subtle and smooth like wine and scotch..

  I am sexy and confident..

  I am organic and natural in everyway..

  I am TwilaB Goode

Twila B. Goode

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