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  • You’ve never met a smoother lover than the 7” Realistic Curved Glass G-Spot Dildo. Featuring seven satisfying inches, the shaft of this toy hits all of the right spots with lifelike precision and a hardness that will never let you down. The 7” Realistic Curved Glass G-Spot Dildo also comes complete with a pair of testicles at the base of the glass dildo. Its realistic tip is able to reach areas with firm precision as you close your eyes and let your fantasies run wild. The continuous thrust from this firm, smooth lover will soon culminate in full-body orgasms.
  • Description: Get ready for a sleek, rock-hard sexual experience. This realistically shaped glass G-spot dildo offers 7 in length thats topped with deliciously ribbed tip.
  • The shaft is expertly crafted with a smooth curve that is angled to stimulate the G-spot.
  • Made of 100% Premium Borosilicate & Annealed Glass

7in of Pleasure