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Your Vagina Speaks But Do You Listen?

I couldn't help but wonder, do women listen to their vagina?

The make up of the vagina, vulva, and clitoris are in fact interesting and intricate parts of a woman's anatomy and they talk to us. So because of this we need to listen and see what they're saying.

Here are some tips on how she's talking to you when she's sick:

  1. If she's sick she'll speak by how she smells. Is she smelling fishy?

  2. She'll speak by her discharge. Is it greenish or yellowish? This may indicate an STI or other infection

  3. She'll speak if she is bumpy or has a rash.

*if any of these symptoms are what you're experiencing you may need to see a doctor *

If she's hurting or aches or has allergies:

  1. She'll speak when having sex or receiving penetration.

  2. She'll speak by discomfort, swelling, or itching. Notice your labia lyps what do they look like?

  3. She'll speak by irritation if she's allergic to laundry detergent or even the person you're having sex with

  4. She'll speak if it hurts when having sex. This could be a more serious issue like pelvic floor dysfunction after childbirth or pelvic injury

If she's happy :

  1. She'll speak with orgasms!

  2. She'll speak with squirting. Yes squirting is real and no it is not just made up of only urine. In fact it is female ejaculation. If you aren't a squirter no worries

  3. She'll speak when queefing. This is also known as vaginal flatulence. Don't be embarrassed when she talks to you like this lol. It is perfectly normal.

The vagina never stops speak to us. She is constantly telling us what her mood is and how she's feeling. You owe it to her and yourself to listen to her and speak with her.

Take time out to today and listen to your vagina. She's talking...

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Jun 23, 2022

Yes, I didn’t know that was a thing until recently. Oddly enough.


Jun 23, 2022

Can a woman be allergic to their partner?

Twila B. Goode
Twila B. Goode
Jun 23, 2022
Replying to

Hello Yes. It could be an allergic reaction to his semen. Thank you for commenting.

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