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Wet Sex Wednesday...Intimacy

Wet Sex and Intimacy go together like orange juice and champagne. Now for the record intimacy and sex are not the same. However, they do compliment each other and both are needed for a healthy and sensual relationship. Why is intimacy needed? How can it effect a relationship? How can it effect my sex life with my partner?

From personal experience I realized that intimacy is needed in a relationship, but I didn't know how to receive being intimate with my partner. Therefore I would avoid all areas of being intimate and because of this sex never felt meaningful. I still felt empty and unattached. I would later discover that this would be known as intimacy avoidance. I had to learn how to be intimate starting with myself before I could be intimate with my partner. What does it mean to be intimate in the first place?

Intimacy means a sense of openness, to be vulnerable with another human being, and to create a level of trust without creating fear. To be fully understood and accepted by your partner is the most stimulating feeling there is.

Did you know there are four types of intimacy?

  1. Emotional: Sharing candid authentic thoughts and feelings with your partner

  2. Spiritual: Praying worshiping are 2 ways, but a simple walk in the park holding hands can be intimate

  3. Intellectual: Being able to communicate difference in beliefs without being judged and creating conflict. Also have the freedom to think for yourself and having your opinion valued

  4. Experimental: Trying something new with your partner such as cooking or running a marathon together

Imaging practicing these 4 techniques with your partner/partners will naturally get you lubricated making for great wet sex!

Remember, intimacy does not mean sex. Think of intimacy as a form of foreplay leading to great sex.

Sex should BGOODE and WET. Be intimate today with your partner.


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