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Tasty position Thursday ASS ume the position Jan 14

ASS ume the position Tasty Position Thursday. Today's focus is anal pleasure. A sensitive area that most are apprehensive to try. Anal sex is a taboo topic and one that people are uncomfortable talking about with their partner.

Here are a few tips to ease your way into the ASS ential area:

1. Relax.. relax...relax don't be tense

2. Just breathe...focus on your breathing

3. Lubrication is a must. Keep it by the bed and apply as needed during the act. Silicone based lubes are great. Try Bedroom Kandi silicon lube.

4. Relax.. go slow I suggest for beginners lay on your side and gently ease your way inside.

5. Trust your partner. Have the open conversation prior to the act. If you are both beginners go slow and take your time. Try anal plugs to help loosen the anus.

Sex should BGoode try anal sex and enjoy!


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