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Taste the Position Thursday meets Fantasy Friday

Taste the Position Thursday meets Fantasy Friday. Enjoy your partner and experience a threesome. Experiencing a threesome is one of the most common fantasies among both men and women.

Threesomes can include 2 women and a man, 2 men and a woman, or 3 women, even 3 men. If a woman is bi curious she might want to explore having another women join the party. Menage A Trois are alluring and can be sensual. Why is this a common fantasy and should it stay a fantasy or manifest into a reality?

Let's face it most men have fantasized about it and most women have been asked to partake in the fun. Couples may want to spice up their sex life by adding a plus one to join them. They may even strategize how to invite someone to join them, discuss what they want the other person to look like, and even decide where to go to meet the other partner.

The bigger question is what is the appeal when it comes to Menage A Trois? Well for starters it allows one to be the center of sexual desire and pleasure while pleasing others at the same time. While we see this sensual sex act in media is it really something for you and your partner to try?

Before making the fantasy a reality there are several tips I suggest you follow:

  1. Communication : Talk to you partner ask " Why do you want to explore a threesome?". Sit down and discuss the intricate details so everyone will be on the same page. It may be awkward or uncomfortable but there needs to be open and honest communication first. Discuss will this be a one time thing or will you continue to invite a plus one? Will it be the same plus one?

  2. Have a positive attitude don't shut the idea down without talking first

  3. Think of the health risks involved. Make sure everyone is on board with getting tested and use protection. To protect yourself from bodily fluids make sure to use barriers each time you switch partners.

  4. Be respectful of all parties involved.

If you decide to make the fantasy a reality be clear of what you want and have fun!

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