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Naughty November

October was Kinky and now it is time to be naughty! November will be full of sensual and intimate challenges for you and your partner to try.

November 1-5 Self Care

Self care is the focus for this week. When we take care of ourselves we are become more in tune with our needs and wants. By doing this it helps us to have a healthy and sensual sex life. Remember GOODE sex starts within.

Ready Set Go

Self care tips:

Get some fresh air. If you can, try to get some time outside every day. You can also open a window to get fresh air into your room. Take a walk with your partner and hold hands. Kiss along the way. If solo listen to your favorite relaxing playlist. Say affirmations such as:

I am beautiful

I am sexy

I am desirable

Get clean and tidy. We know that housework might not be everyone’s first choice of self-care activity! But having a pleasant and hygienic environment can help you feel much better. If it seems like too much effort, focus on one small job – wash some dirty dishes or tidy up the area around the sofa. Having a clean environment brings relaxation to the bedroom and of course when relaxed the sex is better. Overall having a clean home puts you in a good mood and being in a good mood makes for healthy sex.

Smell something nice. Another key ingredient for good sex is sense of smell. This could be a candle, a room spray, essential oils, body lotion, or perfume. It could even be the smell of your partners cologne that you like.

Get cosy. Get snuggled on the sofa or wrapped in your favorite blanket. It is finally fall and the weather is getting cooler which makes for great cuddle weather. Take the time to read or watch erotica while cuddling with your partner.

Stay hydrated. Try and drink 8 glasses of water or sugar-free drink every day.

Healthy eating. By eating healthily, we give our bodies the fuel they need to fight off illness and function well throughout the day. You could try to eat an extra portion of fruit or veg a day, cut down on unhealthy snacks, or make sure you eat breakfast in the morning. Most importantly sex shouldn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Think about it whatever you eat must come out and naturally what we eat will be expressed in your juices. Having a healthy sex diet is beneficial for having a healthy sex life. No woman wants to tastes funky spunk and no man wants to taste tart pu$$y juice!

This week have fun with the challenges. Stay tuned for my Facebook and IG lives about the challenge. Share your results with me. Next week you will have workbook to help with the challenges!

B Naughty

B Sexy

B Confident


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