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Masturbation Monday

Happy Monday and today is all about nipple orgasms. Oftentimes we only focus on the southern region when it comes to self pleasure, but the nipples are one the major erogenous zones. Trust me this is a pleasurable experience.

What exactly is a nipple orgasm you ask? Nipple orgasms are a pleasurable release of sexual arousal, centered on nipple stimulation and not caused by stimulating the clitoris [or penis] directly.

How is this possible? Your ability to have a nipple orgasm is thanks to the many nerve endings on and around your nipples. Much like the stimulation with the clitoris and penis.

Why have them?

Nipple orgasms may seem small compared to when you can have a genital orgasm, but they can be just as intense—if not more. Some women say nipple orgasms feel similar to the pelvic sensation they get during vaginal orgasms, while others describe it as a distinctly unique feeling in its own right—one that vibrates through their entire bodies. There is no right or wrong way to have your orgasm. You can even have multiple nipplegasms! How cool is that.

How do you have them?

Practice and practice. Discover how you like to be touched. Is it pinching using nipple clamps or gently rubbing in a circular motion? Whatever your stimulation is keep find a rhythm and continue until you receive your nipple gasam.

Remember self pleasure is part of self care. Enjoy the moment and have fun with your nips. Share the excitement with your partner and show them how you play with your nipples.

Goode sex cums from your sensations.


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