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Masturbation Monday

It is Masturbation Monday and for the next few Monday's I'm going to share tips for MEN! Today more than ever men have a wide variety for toys when it comes to enjoying masturbation. No more relying on your hands guys. I'm going to share some toys for you to try.

For years women have had their choices of toys when it comes to self pleasure. From vibrators to shower heads women can masturbate to just about anything. However, for guys it's been nothing but lotion, hands, and Kleenex. Using male pleasure toys can improve your sex life in both solo sessions and with your partner. Knowing where to stroke and how to fast or slow to work the penis educates yourself and your partner. By knowing how to pleasure yourself you are able to tell your partner.

According to Tenga 2019 Global Self Pleasure Report 91% of men in the US masturbate. With the increase in toys for men how can you determine what is best for you?

Today's featured toy is The Pulse 3 Solo. This toys works for both soft and hard penises, making it an amazing choice for men who have challenges with staying hard. It has a powerful motor that focuses its vibration on the frenulum. The frenulum is the sensitive underside area behind the head.

This is the only device that focuses on the frenulum and created intense orgasms.

So today men enjoy yourself!

Sex should BGOODE


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