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Masturbation Monday

It is Monday and today is all about self pleasure also known as masturbation Monday. Here is a simple recipe for self pleasure. The great thing is you only need 5 key ingredients all using your 4 of your senses.

  1. Play sensual music if you haven't created a sexy sensual play list then you need to do so. Create a mixture of songs that put you in the mood. Set the blue tooth or tell Alexa what to play and then play with yourself. Sense of sound

  2. Watch erotica and turn on your favorite video or movie. Find out what stimulates you and save it by making a self pleasure collection. Sense of sight

  3. Light candles/dim the lights in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Use scented candles to set the mood. Amazing what dimming the lights will do to your sex drive. Sense smell

  4. Toys are great. Men use a pocket pussy or a masturbation sleeve. Women find your favorite vibrator and enjoy. Remember have your lubrication near by. Sense of touch

  5. Read erotica and enjoy each page of tantalizing story lines. Use your imagination too and create your own fantasy.

Mix all of the above together to create the best masturbation mixture!


Sex should BGOODE

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