Letting go...

As I go for my morning walk and listen to my favorite Afro Beats artist in my ears I can't help but be deep in my thoughts. Walking clears my head and breathing in the fresh air gives me peace and tranquility. Lately, I have been meditating prior to walking burning sage and palo santo detoxifying my mind as I prepare for the day. On today's walk two words replay in my mind.. "letting go". The meaning behind those words are powerful. Two questions occurred to me What do I need to let go of? Am I afraid to let go of these things? I couldn't help but think of the laundry list of habits, people, and negative thoughts that are taking up space in my life. If one is holding on to something that isn't helping them grow or you no longer have a use for it why keep around? To move forward letting go of the past has to happen. This includes people from past relationships and even people you consider close friends. Simply as one evolves certain people don't evolve with you. Habits and ways of thinking start to change and over time those old ways no longer apply to the change you are going thru. As I have evolved over the past 5 years my way of thinking that I would never be truly happy or deserve happiness had to shift. I always settled for less thinking that it would make me happy. Then I had to ask myself: What do I that will make me happy? What do I need to make me happy? Why do I feel that I don't deserve it? I realized that for me to get to the next level I had to let go of those negative thoughts. Part of the problem was I allowed myself to believe that a man had to make me happy. Always seeking happiness from someone that I was with. I had to realize that the only person to make me happy is ME not anyone else. I thought of how I can make myself happy and all of my goals and dreams that will put a smile on my heart . Once I discovered my purpose in life which is writing and when I realized that my voice could be heard is when I found my happiness. Letting go of people and clothes that no longer fit into my life gives me life. Letting go of excessive drinking night after night and letting water fill my body gives me clarity. Letting go of fear, worry, confusion, doubt, distractions, and procrastination and letting in positive thoughts,certainty, confidence, and being focused on my purpose feeds my spirit. Letting go of past relationships and people who were in the past are not part of my present.

Once I began to find my true happiness from within is when I began to blossom like the African violet that I am. Full of life and and when the light shines on me I will always blossom and grow.

I challenge you to let go and let in.



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