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Invest in your sexual health Jan 24-30

Hey readers changing the form of the blog. Instead of me trying to blog daily with sex tips, I'll be blogging weekly with the theme "Invest in your sexual health". Each week I'll share tips on how to invest in your overall sexual health.

Jan has been about Self Care/Self Pleasure. If you missed the virtual classes they are recorded and you can go back and listen. A major factor of investing in your sexual health is HOW you feel about yourself. How do you speak to yourself each day? Do you say affirmations? What does speaking life into yourself look like? Remember the tongue is a powerful muscle in our body.

Self-talk can enhance your performance and general well-being. For example, research shows self-talk can help athletes with performance. It may help them with endurance or to power through a set of heavy weights. The advantages of positively speaking life into self are:

  • increased vitality

  • greater life satisfaction

  • improved immune function

  • reduced pain

  • better cardiovascular health

  • better physical well-being

  • reduced risk for death

  • less stress and distress

Why would you speak negatively about yourself ? Doing this effects your mentality.

Speaking life into self means taking care of self

Do you take care of yourself? If so how often? What are you doing to make sure your mind, body, and spirit are healthy? Self care can be a practiced in many ways:

7 types of self care

Here are 7 types of self-care and examples to consider:


Self-care that has to do with feeling physically well and maintaining physical health.

• Sleep or rest

• Stretching, walking, or exercise that feels good

• Keeping medical appointments

• Healthy food

• Fresh air


Self-care that has to do with attending to your emotions; finding empathy and self-compassion; and seeking help when needed.

• Journal or talk it out

• Stress management

• Listen to or make music/art

• Self-compassion

• Counseling


Self-care that has to do with healthy family and social relationships.

• Time with others (in person or virtually)

• Healthy boundaries

• Balancing alone time and social time (or small groups and large groups)

• Positive social media

• Asking for help


Self-care that has to do with religious beliefs or spirituality.

• Connection

• Prayer or meditation

• Reflection

• Attending worship services or groups (if applicable)

• Nature


Self-care that has to do with knowing and honoring yourself and what you enjoy.

• Listening to yourself (getting out of autopilot)

• Hobbies

• Treating yourself

• Trying something new

• Getting to know yourself


Self-care that has to do with maintaining a safe, functional, and comfortable home environment.

• Safety

• Security and stability

• Cleaning and organizing (whatever that means for you)

• Comfy space

• Healthy living environment


Self-care that has to do with maintaining your financial goals and obligations.

• Money management and budgeting

• Saving

• Seeking help or information

• “Fun” money

• Paying bills

Self care can be implemented while having sex. Do you practice self care when having sex? If not you should start. Here is a sneak peek about Self Care Sex Rituals Class Jan 25th 8-9pm.

Sexual self care is tapping into your sexual desires. First slow down appreciating your body, get a massage, explore your entire body with touch.

Spots are still available for class. Sign up and learn more about self sex rituals. Get your tickets by clicking on the link


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