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Invest in your sexual health...drink red wine

Fun fact about me I'm an avid red wine drinker. Preferably dry reds like cabernets, malbecs, and merlot. Something about sipping on an aged dry red wine and pairing it with one of my favorite cigars while working or simply enjoying the outdoors listening to jazz relaxes me. My body is at ease and well I find myself stimulated at the same time. I wondered, does red wine boost ones sex drive? And the answer is...YES!

According to research red wine increases sexual arousal in both men and women. ... Without getting too bogged down in science, according to the research, red wine actually has compounds that stimulate our erogenous zones. Drinking two glasses a day gives women a higher sex drive, and in men, seems to increase testosterone in the blood. Another study found that drinking a moderate amount of red wine actually increases blood flow to women's' erogenous zones, and could increase lubrication. The study also found that women who drank red wine had a higher sex drive than those who drank another type of alcohol. 

Now let me be clear, don't get drunk drinking red wine because you may not remember to enjoy the sexual experience with your partner. Drink in moderation.. 2 glasses with a nice meal.

So today go purchase a nice bottle of red wine, sip, and enjoy the flavors. Then love on your partner.


Sex shouldn't leave a bad taste in your mouth

Wines for women:

Wines for men:

Research suggests that men get off on wines with aromas of lavender, caramel, butter, orange, liquorice, baking spice and vanilla.

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