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Initiate Sex with Touch

There are so many ways to initiate sex kissing talking dirty, but touching is my absolute favorite. Touching can be a mixture of sensuality and kinky. You can use your hands, fingers, lips or tongue to touch your partner. You don't even need hands to touch. There are floggers, feathers, scarfs, and my favorite the Warternberg Wheel. If you aren't sure what it is look at the picture below.

Touching is a way to communicate with your partner and let's them know you're ready for sex. Think of it as foreplay. A spank or tap on the ass could be a way to initiate sex. You're saying ," I'm ready " without using words. Think about it our skin is the largest sex organ because of its sensitivity. Touching can be soft,firm, or gentle.

After doing research and listening to my favorite podcast about sex and relationships I couldn't help but wonder... How do we learn how to touch? Is it by watching porn? Or we create our own sex touch play book?

I mean I discovered where I like to be touched by touching myself. Once I became sexually active I realized other areas I liked to be touched and areas that I didn't. I even discovered that touching was my way of initiating sex with my partner.

Where do you touch?

Be mindful of your partners sweet or sour spots. If they've experienced trauma then some areas may not be pleasurable to them for touching. This is where open and honest communication comes to play. Even tickling can be fun for one partner and well not so much for the other. Touching arms,legs, butt, can be sweet spots for one and sour spots for your partner.

Touching is a great way to initiate sex. Pay attention to how your partner responds when you touch. Do they flinch or seem apprehensive? Actually talk about how you can initiate sex so both of you have an understanding.

Today initiate sex by touching your partner!

TwilaBGoode Sexologist

Sex shouldn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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