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Initiate Sex.. Sex Talk

One of my favorite songs is Space Age Pimping by 8Ball and MJG.

The lyrics are

I want you

I got to have you

But what will this lead to

Will it just be me and you

Tell me... you know I want you

Tell me how you feel.

Now that's how I initiate sex. How I talk dirty. Everyone has a different way to talk dirty.

It is ok to talk dirty to your partner. You don't always have to be subtle. Tell your partner what you really want and say:

  1. I want to fuck tonight

  2. Bend over and let me hit it from the back

  3. I want to suck your dick

  4. You might want to stay away from clinical terms like penis and vagina. They don't sound too sexy lol.

This can be a turn on. Especially if your partner isn't expecting you to speak like this. The biggest thing is your're allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Most importantantly have fun!

Releasing your carnal desires and thoughts. Now make sure both parties are on the same page . Talk and ask your partner do you enjoy dirty talk? Sexting is fun too. Start there and work your way to actually articulating your thoughts.

Have fun and talk dirty 😊

TwilaBGoode Sexologist

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