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In the adventures of Twila...finding pleasure in the pandemic

2020 has been a roller coaster ride of a year to say the least. A year of ups and downs, twists and turns. Overall this has been a year of firsts for our generation. So many characters surfaced this year that will go down in the history books and definitely will linger in the Google search engine. Characters such as President Trump, Black Lives Matter Movements, Cares Act Stimulus, and one of the most pivotal characters Covid 19. Covid 19, The Coronavirus, the Rona, or the Vid were several alias for the virus that impacted the entire world. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I would be living during a pandemic.

Living during a pandemic has changed life we as a society once viewed as normal. Children went to school, people went to actual office buildings for work, sporting events were held to capacity, and masks were only for Halloween and BDSM kink sex sessions. Dating was going out for dinner, concerts, travel or even out for coffee. Now the new norm is completely the opposite from what we once knew. What has intrigued me the most is how all of these new changes effected our relationships and our sex lives. Or has it? Sex is something natural and fulfilling both our needs and wants. Yet I wondered, how did people pleasure themselves during the pandemic?

Masturbation, watching porn, and reading erotica are ways to be stimulated sexually. For us single people who may not be involved with anyone or have that friend with benefits to take care of our needs then self care is and will always be the best care. During this time I decided to do just that take care of my needs or self pleasure. For the past 9 months I have taken the time to learn my body, really become intimate with myself, discovering my erogenous zones, and learning more about what pleases me.

I started reading about self pleasure and discovered these benefits:

  1. Take time for self pleasure.. the more you do it allows you to release any hesitations or barriers that might get in the way

2. Have an open mind and no self judgement as you explore your body. Simply be relaxed and comfortable.

3. Invest in a quality lubricant such as Uber Lube or any BedroomKandi. Uber Lube is silicone based and BedroomKandi comes in water and silicone bases.

4. Explore erotica read short stories and watch soft porn. See what turns you on visuals or

written cues. My favorite read my erotic poetry A Taste of Twila Poetry in Pictures a collection of 20 erotic poems complimented with 20 erotic visuals.

Yes these are unusual times living in a pandemic, but remember self care is the best care..

it's the pleasure principal.

Stay tuned for more on A Taste of Twila After Dark on Powerplay Radio

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