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In the Adventures of Twila ...episode 1

Welcome to my new website and blog. If this is your first time reading my blog posts hang on tight you're in for a ride! Thank you for subscribing and I'd like to share some background information about myself so you as the reader can get to know me. I was born and raised in Texas and then moved to NC for college where I lived for 20 years. After my marriage ended of 10 years, I finally decided it was time to move back home and start over. After quitting my job in corporate banking I sold everything, packed my car, and with the help of my mother drove back to Texas with my two boys. Fast forward 5 years later to a new career ,new beginnings, and a new outlook on life. It was then that I realized change is much needed and starting over is good.

As you read "In The Adventures of Twila" I will share my life's adventures or life's stories. Adventures centered around friendships, raising two boys as a single parent, dating, and most importantly the adventure of self discovery. Rediscovering myself as I walk in my purpose in lyfe. Of course, there will posts about sex, the good and the bad. As I study to become a sex coach I realize that this natural act that occurs everywhere is somewhat a taboo topic that a lot of people shy away from especially when it comes to articulating what you like and dislike to your partner or partners.

Get ready to join me on my adventures where you can laugh, cry, and possibly relate to my experiences. Grab your favorite wine and cigar and let the adventures begin.

"BGoode in a bad way"


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