Groove me 2020

It has been a little over a year since I wrote in my blog. So much has happened, but for now I’ll discuss the most recent topic that has slapped the world across its face. We are currently in a pandemic. Yes a pandemic. Even as I type this I am in disbelief. A virus known as The Corona or Rona virus has plagued the world therefore effecting life as we once knew it. Schools, service industries such as restaurants, retail shops are all closed. Pretty much the only thing opened are essential business such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Job loss and small business closings have impacted the economy so much that this period of time has been compared to the Great Depression 90 years ago. What used to be our “normal”  such  not having to wear masks or gloves when out and simply being able to interact with another human being is no longer the “normal”. Practicing social distancing has become the norm or in other words maintaining 6 feet apart if possible at all times when out. However, as we are at homes working or teaching our children we as a society are trying to be creative and find ways to keep in contact with friends and family. In the age of technology we have social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , and Snapchat to keep us entertained. Since no one can go anywhere celebrities such as singers, comedians, and actors have been using their talents to entertain us so we can try and keep some sanity. Singers have had concerts and even battles to get the viewer engaged and to see who is the better performer. Which leads go in to detail about last nights epic concert.

On April 20,2020 I traveled back in time to April 1988. I was 12, in the 6th grade, and R&B  mixed with hip hop flooded the airwaves. VH1,Yo MTV Raps and Video Soul made sure to fill my spirit with the latest songs at that time. Teddy Riley and Babyface were two of several artists who had hit after hit. From slow jams to head boppin booty shaking music they knew how to reach everyone with their beats and lyrics. For 2 hours last night I was no longer 43 with kids dancing in my room singing to the top of my lungs. I was 12 in my bedroom listening to the radio trying to record the songs on my cassette player making sure not to record the commercials. For 2 hours last night I was 12 again in my bedroom dancing to the latest dance moves while watching the videos. Singing and dancing to Groove Me then slowing it down to Whip Appeal I was happy and carefree and didn’t have a care in the world. The only thing that could possibly cross my mind was wondering if my 6th grade crush even noticed me, how would I pass my math test, and how would I sneak to see Coming to America. Looking back life was simple. Simple in terms of being a kid not worried about a virus taking over world or having me confined to the house and not being able to play with my friends or go to school. For 2 hours last night I was the skinny, awkward goofy, chocolate girl with long hair dancing in my room wearing my favorite Smurf shirt drinking Kool Aid. Teddy Riley told me to how shake my rump like a rump shaker and Babyface told me that when I get older the guy for me will take care of me as soon as he gets home.



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