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7 Ways to be physically intimate

Intimacy comes in many forms and each one can strengthen your relationship. Some people may connect with their partner in one form more than the other and there is nothing wrong with that. However, make sure that you and your partner communicate which forms of intimacy you respond to. In case you're wondering there are many ways to be intimate and none don't involve sex. The 4 types that I focus on when speaking with clients are:

  1. Spiritual

  2. Emotional

  3. Mental

  4. Physical

After doing some reading on intimacy , I couldn't help but wonder can a relationship sustain if there is no physical intimacy with touch? Now I'm not talking about sex either , but rather touch.

For the longest I wasn't big on touching my partner and them touching me. Oftentimes I felt as if my personal space was being invaded. Also the urge to say, "Stop touching me!" It's annoying ". Never wanting to hurt my partners feelings I never said that. I simply responded with my body language. Moving away from them or getting so tense they just naturally stopped. It wasn't until I got older that I have discovered I do liked to be touched!

In past relationships physical touch wasn't the way I liked to be intimate. I appreciated intellectual and emotional intimacy more than physical, but I never communicated this. Since I didn't articulate this my partner didn't know. Hence this is why I preach communicating with your partner so noone is confused or frustrated. I've learned how not communicating can lead to a world of confusion.

Now if you're not big on physical intimacy or wanting to discover how you can be here are some ways that I tried and actually enjoy:

  1. Holding hands...I can actually hold my partners hand for more than minutes and my palms don't get sweaty

  2. Hugging..not church hugs either, but pull you close embrace hugs

  3. Cuddling.. especially in the winter time for body heat

  4. Kissing...lip pulling passionate kisses

  5. Massaging..great for foreplay.. use my Taste of Sex Massage Oil for a nice rub down

  6. everyone may not liked to be tickled and if they don't respect it and don't force it

  7. Caressing...using fingers are great, but use feathers for added sensation

For a healthy relationship remember to incorporate all forms of intimacy. Physical intimacy and touch is great for foreplay and doesn't involve sex. Physical touch is a great way to build a connection and exchange sensual energy with your partner. After all the skin is the largest organ on the body why not stimulate it for pleasure.

For more information on physical touch sign up for class July 23 2-4pm. Link listed below. Class is for singles and couples. I'll show you how to touch yourself and your partner using fingers,feathers, and toys.

TwilaBGoode Sexologist Erotic and Intimacy Coach

Warternburg Wheel used for touching

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