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5 Initiation Types for Sex

Sex is a wonderful experience. Being with someone who you trust and can explore each other. There is a connection and energetic vybe the two of you share. However, when you are having sex with someone new or even if you've been together for years initiating sex can be awkward. Who should initiate sex? What do they like ? Should you wait for them to initiate? Or if you've been together for years do you still like when your partner initiates or do you want to take control? Then HOW do you communicate this?

I couldn't help but does one initiate sex?

After doing some research I discovered there are 5 sexual initators. This week I'll share a different sex initator. Today let's start with SEDUCTION.

If you're a fan of Usher he has a song titled Seduction. The lyrics are ," Seduce me baby. Just to get my attention. She has confidence. " I absolutely love the song and well the lyrics of course. When it comes to seducing your partner here are key tips:

  1. Confidence: part of being seductive is being confident. When your sexually confident that energy will come out and your partner will notice.

  2. Flirt: no matter what stage the relationship you're in always flirt with your partner

  3. Eyes: Seduce your partner with your eyes. How do you look at your partner? Create that sexy stare. But don't look scary lol

  4. Sexting: This can be flirting as well. Sexting is fun and can also help with your sexual confidence.

When seducing your partner you want to turn yourself on as well. Seduction plays into our fantasies too.

Communication is key. Ask your partner what do they like? How do they initiate sex? When speaking be mindful of your tone and body language.

Did you know there is a Seduction position? I'm definitely trying this and I encourage you as well.

The Seduction Position

The seduction is a more advanced version of the missionary position. To get into this position, the woman kneels, then lies back so that her knees are tucked under or beside her buttocks. Her partner then leans over her and enters her with his legs together. To support himself, the man rests his weight on his elbows and forearms, which are placed on either side of the woman's torso.

Listen to Seduction by Usher and today Seduce your partner.

TwilaBGoode Sexologist

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